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Village of Mastic Beach Solar Energy Systems Regulations § 415-2; Solar Zoning; Architectural Review

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The Village of Mastic Beach's Code § 415-2 regulates accessory solar energy systems and exempts systems that meet the regulation’s standards from architectural review board approval. These regulations include the requirements that (1) roof-mounted solar systems do not extend beyond the exterior perimeter of the building where the system is located and (2) ground-mounted solar energy systems not extend into the required rear yard accessory setback when oriented at minimum design tilt. Additionally, system design must make best efforts to blend into the architecture of the building or be screened from routine view from public rights-of-way. The system’s color must also be consistent with roofing materials. Finally, Mastic Beach’s solar regulation also allows building-integrated photovoltaic solar systems regardless of visibility, provided that the building component the system is integrated into meets all required setback and regulations for the district where the building is located.