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County of Miami-Dade Science & Technology Committee Climate Change Advisory Task Force Statement

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In July 2006, the Miami-Dade County Board of Commissioners passed an ordinance creating the Miami Dade Climate Change Advisory Task Force to provide technical assistance and advice to the Board of County Commissioners concerning mitigation and adaptation measures in response to the impacts of global climate change. The Task Force consists of twenty-five appointed members representing various sectors of the Miami-Dade community including government agencies and educational institutions. The Science and Technology Committee is one of six committees established to focus on specific areas of climate change mitigation and adaptation. In September 2007, the Committee published a statement documenting the “very real threat” to the county’s near future posed by accelerated sea level rise. The Committee projected a rise of at least 1.5 feet in the next 50 years, with a total rise of at least three to five feet by 2100. They emphasized the urgency “of reconsidering nearly every aspect of the county’s management, zoning, infrastructure, and planning,” and recommended establishing sea level rise scenarios reflecting future rise to help determine what must be done to preserve habitability and what infrastructure will “need to yield to the rising sea.” This analysis called for documentation of infrastructure elevations, areas susceptible to erosion and pollution, drainage and storm-surge risks, and water supplies from across the country’s various departments.