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Town of Gardiner Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance

Flood Prevention   
New York
Town Of Gardiner   
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Town of Gardiner NY Flood Damage Prevention ordinance (Chapter 121) is an attempt to minimize private and public loss due to flood conditions by controlling alterations in floodplains, regulating the construction of barriers in floodplains, regulating floodplain usages which may be dangerous to citizens and the environment, and controlling areas that are likely to be affected by floods and erosion. The code provides objectives to ensure that people who occupy flood lands are responsible for their actions and works to minimize public expenditures directed at floodplains. Town of Gardiner NY Flood Damage Prevention provides numerous sections which encompass how the law should be interpreted if it conflicts with other laws, penalties for not following the law, and the role that the local administrator should play in regulating flood damage prevention. Changes in the new code include the encroachment section and notice regarding insurance rates and risk.