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City of Mountlake Terrace Transportation Impact Fees Ordinance

City Of Mountlake Terrace   
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The Mountlake Terrace ordinance is not a TOD ordinance but it instead imposes transportation impact fees on new development that is expected to generate new vehicle trips on the City’s streets and roads. The ordinance is intended to ensure that adequate transportation infrastructure is available as growth and development occurs – it is not, however, intended to encourage development near transportation hubs. The ordinance sets forth impact fees for development within two service areas: One area is citywide, and requires certain fees to be collected; the other area is the town center, which requires a secondary impact fee for development. Public transportation facilities are the only developments exempt from the fees. A developer can receive credits against the amount of impact fees owed for the value of any dedication of land for, improvements to, or new construction of the capital improvements for which the particular impact fee is imposed.