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Town of Cazenovia Lake Watershed Residential Use District

New York
Town Of Cazenovia   
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§ 165-11 and § 165-12 of the Town Code for the Town of Cazenovia list several regulations that are designed to limit the use of the lake and the development of property around the lake. Buildings in the designated area around the lake, except for churches and schools, have height limits, and buildings and lots have minimum size requirements. No machinery, equipment, or vehicles used in a business can be stored outside. Boat houses cannot be used for residential purposes and are limited by size and structure requirements. Recreational use and access rights, including easements, must meet requirements such as being incidental and subordinate to a permitted single-family residential dwelling and located on the same lot as the single-family residential dwelling. There are exceptions for nonconforming lots approved prior to May 11, 1987, but the owner may have to seek a variance.