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Buncombe County Land Development and Subdivision Ordinance

County Of Buncombe   
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The purpose of this chapter of the Buncombe County Land Development and Subdivision Ordinance is to establish procedures and standards for the subdivision of land within the county to facilitate the adequate provision of streets, water, sewage, disposal, and other considerations essential to public health, safety, and general welfare. Section 70-66 sets forth general requirements of subdivision standards to serve this purpose. These include conformity to existing maps or plans, the continuation of adjoining road systems and road names whenever possible, and specific standards to be met regarding the platting of public and private roads. All subdivision proposals must be consistent with the need to minimize flood damage. The ordinance provides specific lot frontage regulation requirements: any residential subdivision lot where the side slope of the land, at a right angle to the frontage street, is in excess of 18 percent slope shall have a minimum of 50 feet street frontage, and the lot street frontage shall be increased four feet for each side slope percentage point over the 18 percent base for such calculations. For example: A side slope of 50 percent requires 178 feet of lot frontage—50 feet plus 128 feet (or four times the excess slope of 32 percent). Planned unit developments and community-oriented developments defined and approved under the County zoning ordinance are not subject to this requirement.