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Washington Township Town Center District Ordinance

New Jersey
Township Of Washington   
| Suburban | Rural
Washington Township’s “Town Center District” ordinance establishes standards for four different town center districts that create a mixed-use of housing, commercial, public and open space. It articulates policy statements to guide the review of all development applications within town center districts. There are 22 policies, including one that promotes a multi-modal transportation system, one that discourages uses that are automobile dependent, and one that promotes the creation of spaces that promote social interaction. The ordinance establishes a town center sub-committee of the planning board, which is given responsibility for proposals within the town center districts. The ordinance establishes provisions related to a street regulating plan, a building regulating plan, site plan regulations, and design regulations – all of which supercede the land development and subdivision standards applicable in the rest of the community. If applicants are going to deviate from the standards provided, then there is a process in which they must demonstrate to the sub-committee their justification for the deviation (the ordinance establishes various criteria for the allowance of deviations from standards). The ordinance also establishes methods for increasing town center density, including transfer of development rights from approved projects in other parts of the township or through the transfer of credits from a rural agricultural district. It also includes density increases for the provision of affordable housing. The ordinance establishes various permitted uses, accessory uses, and additional uses in portions of the town center zone. The four TC zones allow variations in mixed uses and other development standards.