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Town of Marana Erosion and Sedimentation Control Ordinance

Town Of Marana   
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This code is designed to meet or exceed state and federal floodplain management requirements, control development in erosion or flood hazard areas, and enhance groundwater recharge, and applies to all development within the town. All development within floodplain or erosion hazard areas require a permit, unless maintenance actions do not obstruct flow of floodwater and do not exceed a $1500 cost of improvement. There are floodway fringe requirements that restrict fill and alignment of structures to direction of flood flow. Erosion and sedimentation is to be minimized by preventing removal of native vegetation. There are subdivision regulations for areas subject to flooding and erosion, which include provisions for written erosion control methods and delineation of waterways and drainage areas. Additionally, there are variable building setback requirements for minor and major watercourses, and peak-flooding water retention requirements for development. There are also grading requirements which call for demonstrated erosion and sediment control methods for both temporary and permanent measures.