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City of Fort Collins Code § 3.2.3(E)(1) - Solar Access Regulations; Solar Zoning

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The City of Fort Collins, Colorado adopted solar access, orientation, and shading provisions in its site plan regulations. These provisions require an applicant to locate and design all physical elements in the development plan so that they accommodate active and/or passive solar installations to the extent reasonably feasible. Subsection [C] requires at least 65 percent of lots less than 15,000 square feet in area in single- and two-family residential developments to conform to the regulatory definition of “solar-oriented lot” to preserve the potential for solar energy usage. The elements of development plans must also be located and designed to protect solar access to the maximum extent possible. Applicants are further required to ensure a development plan’s physical elements do not cast unreasonable shadows onto adjacent properties and structures, except for structures within certain high-density zoning districts. City of Fort Collins, CO, Code § 3.2.3(E)(1).