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Township of Caln Zoning Regulations; Solar Zoning

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The Township of Caln in Pennsylvania has integrated two sections in its zoning code on solar energy production facilities, Section 155-98, and solar photovoltaic systems, Section 155-126. In Section 155-98, solar energy production facilities are permitted by conditional use in the Institutional Zoning District and include design standards and specifications such as a minimum net lot area, a maximum height, and the overall facility design. Section 155-126 aims to promote the safe, effective, and efficient use of solar energy systems. The section permits building-mounted photovoltaic systems in all zoning districts in the Township as an accessory use as well as ground-mounted solar photovoltaic systems in the R-1, R-2, C-1, C-2, TV-1, and I-1 Districts also an accessory use. Section 155-126 goes on to list certain criteria for both types of solar energy systems.