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From Fitness Zones to the Medical Mile: How Urban Park Systems Can Best Promote Health and Wellness

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The Trust for Public Land conducted a study and determined that in order for a park system to poster mental and physical well-being, it must be used by the public. The professionals in the fields of public and mental health, parks and recreation, landscape architecture, and urban planning discussed and analyzed park elements such as trails, sports fields, playgrounds, drinking fountains, restrooms, and other facilities, and how they are provided, promoted, and signed. The professionals also considered important variables external to the parks such as access, walkability, and cyclability, and additionally park safety. Six major factors were determined to stimulate public use of parks: a mixture of uses and a maximum amount of programming; stress reduction- calming traffic and emotions; beauty and great design; proximity and accessibility, and co-location; and interconnected park web; partnerships for health.