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Town of Fenwick Island Zoning Regulations; Solar Zoning

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Under its Renewable Energy System section within its Zoning Chapter, the Town of Fenwick Island in Delaware permits solar energy systems its zoning districts. According to Section 160-9(A), a “solar energy system is a renewable energy system designed and used to obtain energy from the sun in order to supply energy to a principal use of a structure.” These systems include but are not limited to solar hot water, air heating and cooling, and photovoltaic systems. The solar energy system sub-section goes on to list a few conditions that an applicant must meet in order to have the system installed on a property parcel. Among these conditions are that the solar energy system must be located on the same lot as the principal use; the system must comply with all applicable building, plumbing, electrical and Town codes; and that no systems shall be permitted in setback areas.