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Town of North Castle Moratorium Ordinance

New York
Town Of North Castle   
| Suburban | Rural
As a result of the negative impact residential development has had on the environment of North Castle, the damage to the Town’s natural resources, the loss of open space, and the ability of the infrastructure of Town and special district facilities and services to adequately serve Town residents, along with other factors; the Town Board has enacted this moratorium. It has been specifically determined to be necessary in order to prevent the final approval of any further residential subdivisions Townwide and any new construction or large scale renovations in the Armonk, North White Plains and Banksville business areas until such time as planning recommendations can be prepared and appropriate new and/or amended zoning controls, land development and/or environmental protection regulations can be fully and carefully considered by the Town Board and other involved boards and agencies, as well as by the public, and then put into effect.