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Town of Haddam Subdivision Regulations; Passive Solar Energy Regulations

Town Of Haddam   
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Haddam, Connecticut has enacted a section, § 302-36, within its chapter on subdivision regulations specifically for passive solar energy techniques. Section 302-36 defines passive solar energy techniques as “site design techniques which maximize solar heat gain, minimize heat loss and provide thermal storage within a building during the heating season and minimize heat gain, and provide for natural ventilation during the cooling season.” According to the section, a subdivision applicant must demonstrate to the Commission that she has considered using passive solar energy techniques when she developed the plan. The plan analysis will have to include an evaluation of house orientation; street and lot layout; vegetation; natural and man-made topographical features; and protection of solar access within the development. Any passive solar energy techniques incorporated within the subdivision site plan will be reviewed and discussed with the Town Planner and/or with the aid of the Passive Solar Subdivision Design Checklist. The section goes on to specify more factors for the Town Planner to use when evaluating an applicant’s site plan for passive solar site design.