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City of Big Flats Subdivision and Development Regulations § 17.36.140; Solar Zoning

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In section 17.36.140 of its Zoning Ordinance, the Town of Big Flats adopted a solar access regulation that requires applicants for new residential development including either ten or more acre of site development area and/or more than 50 dwelling units to submit a solar access plan with the site plan. The solar access plan must: (1) protect solar access between the solar azimuths of -45 degrees east of due south and +45 degrees west of due south; (2) for solar access roads, design lots and building setbacks so that buildings are oriented with their long axes running from east to west for one-unit development and north to south for multi-unit development; (3) in order to maximize solar access, place higher density development units on a south-facing slope and lower density dwelling units on a north-facing slope; (4) site structures as close to the north lot line as possible to increase yard space to the south for reduced shading of the south face of a structure; (5) site tall structures north of short structures; and (6) include a description of any legal mechanisms, such as deed restrictions, covenants, etc., that protect or provide for solar access.