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Vermont Employment Growth Incentive

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The Vermont Employment Growth Incentive (VEGI) was created to encourage job creation in Vermont by a Vermont company, a Vermont division of a company that plans to grow and expand in Vermont, a company considering locating a new business or division in state, or Vermont start-up business activity. The VEGI program provides incentives from the State of Vermont to businesses to encourage prospective economic activity in Vermont that is beyond an applicant’s “organic” or background growth and that would not occur except for the incentive provided. Vermont also offers an enhancement to the VEGI program, called “Green VEGI” for projects that will create jobs in certain environmental technology sectors. One of the eligible sectors is “clean" energy, including solar, wind, wave, hydro, geothermal, hydrogen, fuel cells etc. If the project in Vermont for which incentives are sought is primarily in the research, design, engineering, development, or manufacturing of fuel cells for energy efficient applications, the project could be eligible for this enhancement, which can increase the level of incentives by 20-25%.