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City of Baltimore Vacant Building Receivership Ordinance

City Of Baltimore   
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Baltimore, Maryland, enacted an ordinance granting a Building Official authority to petition the Court for appointment of a receiver to raze, rehabilitate, or sell a vacant building. The petition must include: a copy of the original notice and order to rehabilitate; affirmation by affidavit that the rehabilitation has not yet been completed; and the identity of the proposed receiver (if it is not the Building Officer).

As an alternative to assigning a receiver, the Court may appoint an owner, mortgagee, or other person in interest to the property to rehabilitate/raze the building if that person: demonstrates they are capable of making the changes within a reasonable amount of time; agrees to comply with a razing/rehabilitation schedule; and posts bond as a security payment for the required work. If the petitioner (usually the Building Officer) perceives that the party in interest is not acting with due diligence, he may petition the Court to revoke that person’s permission to perform the work. Upon revocation, the Court may choose to apply the posted bond to the costs of razing, rehabilitating, or selling the vacant building.