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The Town of Coxsackie Waterfront Residential District Ordinance

New York
Town Of Coxsackie   
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The Town of Coxsackie created the Waterfront Residential District (WR) to protect areas adjacent to the Hudson River. The purpose of this district is to protect the waterfront, maintain the existing residential character, and allow for low impact water-dependent and water-related recreational uses appropriate for the community and the river. A few specific purposes of the WR is the preservation of natural, scenic, and historic values along the Hudson River and to encourage compatible land uses along the Hudson River. Buildings must be set back 150 feet from the river, but water-dependent businesses may be within that distance with a special permit. Each parcel or lot between the normal high mark of the river and a point 100 feet from and perpendicular to the normal high water mark must contain a natural vegetation strip. There is no clear cutting of timber permitted and there are specific restrictions on the trimming of the required natural vegetation. Only certain structures may be permitted within the natural vegetation, such as docks and boat ramps. Additionally, no unsightly, offensive, or potentially polluting material, such as lawn clippings, garbage, and refuse containers, may be dumped or stored within the natural vegetation strip. If there is no natural vegetation, the developer shall provide vegetation which shall substantially screen the proposed development from the water. Water quality must be protected, therefore no subsurface systems for septic wastes shall be located within 100 feet from the normal high water mark and there shall be no disturbance of existing wetlands, unless appropriate mitigation measures are defined and approved. Soil shall not be tilled for agricultural purposes within 50 feet of the high water mark. Any proposed principal building or expanded paved area larger than 5,000 square feet that would be partially or entirely located in the WR district must be submitted for review by the Planning Board.