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Town of Brookhaven Central Pine Barrens District

Comprehensive Planning   
New York
Town Of Brookhaven   
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This ordinance provides comprehensive details about planning tools and permitting processes that are consistent with the Central Pine Barrens Land Use Plan and promote the protection of the quality and quantity of surface water, groundwater and the short term and long term health of the Central Pine Barrens ecosystem. The ordinance recognizes Pine Barrens Credits for the transfer of development rights and incentive zoning, as well as a residential overlay district and a planned development district that support the protection of the core preservation and efficient development in the compatible growth zone. The ordinance outlines standards for or development regulations for nitrate and nitrogen levels, steep slopes, wellhead protection, wetlands and surface waters, the delineation of buffers and conservation easements, river protection, stormwater runoff management, restrictions on planting fertilizer-dependent vegetation, habitat preservation, and the preservation of unfragmented open space.