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City of Ames Zoning Code; Section 29.1309- Solar Energy Systems

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The City of Ames, Iowa has dedicated a whole section in the “Additional Requirements for Specific Uses” Article of its City Code to the implementation of solar energy systems, § 29.1309. Section 1309’s purpose is to “facilitate the installation and constructions of solar energy systems so that the systems are safe, effective, and efficient, as well as harmonious with the character of the adjacent area where located.” The section goes on to list the design and placement requirements for Freestanding, Residential Attached, and Non-Residential Attached solar energy systems. The section also lays out the requirements for a Solar Energy System Zoning Permit (SES ZP) as well as a Solar Energy System Special Use Permit (SES SUP), which are required before installing any system in a district. Both of these types of permits have lengthy requirements that will likely create a barrier to solar energy system implementation.