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Establishing Land Use Protections for Community Gardens

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New York City passed a zoning resolution defining “FRESH” food stores as a store with at least 6,000 sq. ft. of space utilized for selling grocery products intended for home preparation and consumption. At least 50% of the space must be used for non-perishable items, and at least 30% must be used for the sale of perishable goods. At least 500 ft. of the perishable food section must be dedicated to fresh produce. The city has offered to modify density and parking requirements to encourage establishment of “FRESH” food stores.

Dedicating these types of stores as “FRESH” food stores will help attract people to them who are interested in increasing their own health, and will help them to reach that goal. Additionally, this may increase competition for fast food restaurants, helping even residents who are not specifically worried about their health to make better food choices.