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State of North Carolina Adult Entertainment Ordinances

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Section 160A-181.1 authorizes cities and counties to regulate sexually oriented businesses through zoning ordinances, licensing requirements, or other “appropriate ordinances.” Such regulations may include, but are not limited to: restrictions on the location; restrictions on operations, including, inter alia, hours and exterior advertising and noise; reasonable moratoria on new or expanded facilities while studies are conducted and ordinances are considered; and requirements that existing businesses come into compliance with new ordinances. § 160A-181.1(c)(1)-(4), (d). This section also authorizes cities and counties to enter into cooperative agreements with one another to coordinate their regulations on sexually oriented businesses.

Additionally, North Carolina’s statutes regarding limitations on adult entertainment establishments (§ 14-202.11) and prohibiting obscenity (§ 14-190.1) and indecent exposure (§ 14-190.9) all specify that local governments are not precluded from regulating these areas, as well.