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Multigenerational Planning: using smart growth and universal design to link the needs of children and the aging population

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This article discusses how multigenerational planning is a “holistic approach” that assess the needs of many different age groups while planning policies that include zoning, local laws and building codes. The ultimate goal is creating a community that ensures “generational equality”. The article begins by discussing changes in population and demographics that impact how planners address certain issues. It articulates the needs, wants and concerns of each age group and what kind of communities they look to live in. Planners must provide a design that accustoms each age group, civic participation in the community, include smart growth principles into planning to maintain a connected community and “raise awareness of universal design principles” to assist the elderly and people with disabilities. The authors make a point that being aware of these design techniques are integral to maintaining a multigenerational community. The project is categorized into four key points, each discussing planning principles necessary to incorporating smart growth design that applies to universal design principles.