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Village of Croton-on-Hudson Trees Ordinance

New York
Village Of Croton-on-Hudson   
| Suburban | Rural
The Village of Croton-on-Hudson Tree Ordinance provides requirements for minimum distances between trees and (1) other trees, (2) curbs and sidewalks, (3) street corners and hydrants, and (4) utilities. Topping of trees and removal of healthy trees is prohibited. A tree removal permit will be required before removing: (1) any tree eight inches or more (diameter at breast height or DBH) on any parcel of land capable of being subdivided under the zoning provisions applicable to the district in which the parcel is situated or on any parcel of land without a residential structure or on any property which would require site plan approval to be developed, (2) any tree growing on slopes of over 25%, (3) any threatened or endangered species of tree, (4) any tree designated by the Board of Trustees, and (5) landmark trees.