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Municipal Code, Chapter 150 Zoning, Article IIA Environmental Protection Overlay Districts, Section 150-9.20 EPOD 3 Steep Slope Protection District

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ep Slope Protection District sets forth regulations designed to minimize the impacts of development activities on steep slopes, including soil erosion and sedimentation, destruction of vegetation, increased stormwater runoff, and landslides. Regulated activities within the District include the clearing of or construction on land; the construction of sewage disposal systems; filling, cutting, or excavation; and discharge of stormwater and/or construction and placement of stormwater runoff systems. In order to be permitted to undertake such regulated activities, specific standards must be met regarding the stable angle of repose of soil classes on the site, soil stability, erosion and sedimentation control, protection and reestablishment of plant life, slope access, and drainage systems on steep slope areas. Temporary erosion control measures shall be provided for all disturbed areas, installed before work begins, and maintained until restoration is complete. A construction and erosion control schedule is required as part of the permit application process. Stormwater drainage systems shall be designed and located to ensure slope stability. Any soil disturbance conducted on a steep slope shall not direct surface water runoff over the downhill edge during construction.