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Untapped Potential: Strategies for Revitalization and Reuse

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City Of Los Angeles   
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Los Angeles created a guideline for future adaptive reuse legislation. Its top strategies to promote reuse are: leverage data and mapping tools to understand reuse opportunities; eliminate, reduce, or recalibrate parking requirements; update zoning codes to meet the needs of the 21st century; retain and strengthen existing incentive programs for reuse; remove key barriers that prevent change of use in vacant or underutilized buildings; develop a solutions database to track and promote ways to overcome building code challenges; develop new sources of capital for smaller projects or those in weaker markets; and adopt a comprehensive adaptive reuse program. Los Angeles has a preexisting adaptive reuse program in the city proper that has created more than 14,000 residential housing units and was amended to expand beyond the immediate city, and this guide was created to improve this program.