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Amendment to Town of Saugerties, New York Zoning Code Chapter 245

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The amendment to the Town of Saugerties, New York Zoning Code allows large scale solar energy facilities via special use permits. The site for such facility shall be at least the minimum area required in the zoning district and the total area covered by the facility and all related appurtenances shall not exceed 70% of the gross area of the site. The required coverage as set for in the Schedule of Area and Bulk Regulations (Sec. 245-12) shall not apply to solar energy facilities where a solar array is designed and located so that the underlying lands remain and continue to function in a pervious condition. Any generating equipment facilities or accessory uses shall be set back at least 50' from all property lines and streets. A continuous "wildlife friendly" fence, at least 6' high shall enclose all equipment and facilities and shall be set back at least 25' from all street and property lines. A wildlife friendly fence shall have 5" x 12" openings at ground level spaced no more than 100' apart to allow unencumbered travel by small animals.