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State of Illinois Stormwater Management – County Ordinance

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In addition to general powers granted to all counties to regulate “storm water runoff,” 55 ILL. COMP. STAT. 5/5-1062 (2004) allocates comprehensive stormwater planning and management to corporate county authorities in the urbanized region served by the Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission, pursuant to enumerated population standards. Prior to the adoption of countywide plans and regulations, a county board must establish a “stormwater management planning committee.” The committee is charged to coordinate surveying and planning activities with neighboring counties, and to target specific drainage basins within county borders susceptible to stormwater impacts. Upon recommendations of the committee the county board may prescribe by ordinance the “reasonable rules and regulations” for managing floodplains and stormwater runoff channels and basins. See also 55 ILL. COMP. STAT. 5/5-1062.1 (2004) (Stormwater Management in Cook County).