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Yolo County, California Code § 8-2.1104, .1105

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County Of Yolo   
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Yolo County’s solar energy regulations allow approval of small solar energy systems for onsite uses through the issuance of a building permit and a zoning clearance, provided the application meets setback and other standards set forth in the solar energy regulation. . If the County’s chief building official believes a small solar energy system could have a specific, adverse impact upon the public health and safety, the official may require the applicant to apply for a use permit. Medium-sized solar energy systems for onsite and/or offsite uses may be approved through site plan approval, provided the application meets specific standards set forth in the solar regulation for medium-sized systems. The site plan review approval is ministerial (not discretionary) and does not require a public hearing. If an application for a medium-sized system fails to meet any of the standards, the zoning administrator must review it as an application for a minor use permit. The board of supervisors approves large and very large utility-scale solar energy systems through the issuance of a major use permit, following the planning commission’s recommendation, provided the application is consistent with conditions and standards set forth in the County’s solar regulations for large and very large systems.