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City of White Plains Zoning Code §; Solar Access; Solar Energy Systems; Solar Zoning

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The City of White Plains’ zoning ordinance includes solar access provisions that require all approving agencies to consider access to sunlight for present and potential solar electric systems, both on- and off-site, as well as structure siting, orientation and landscaping when reviewing any application. Further, the provisions prohibit new construction on any lot that would block access to sunlight between the hours of 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM for approved solar electric systems except by permission from the board of appeals if the applicant shows that other arrangements are infeasible or impractical or that the degree of blocking is negligible. City of White Plains, NY, Zoning Ordinance §

The City also exempts solar energy systems from review by the City's design review board when they: (1) are installed on one- or two-family structures that do not require a variance; (2) have a rated capacity of 12 kW or less; and (3) are mounted parallel to the roof surface or tilted with no more than an 18-inch gap between the module frame and roof surface. City of White Plains, N.Y., Zoning Ordinance §