V. 9 (2008)

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This is a special issue on Natural Law and Natural Environments.

Vera Lex, the journal of the International Natural Law Society was established to communicate and dialogue on the subject of natural law and natural right, to introduce natural law philosophy into the mainstream of contemporary thought and to strengthen the current revived interest in the discussion of morals and law and advance its historical research.

Why do we use a shell (Nautilus pmplilus Linnaeus) to symbolize vera lex? The logarithmic spiraling and overlapping chambers of the shell are endless. They suggest a patterned development and evolution that, by its radial and circular design, never comes to an end. This means that hte shell is at once specific and real, while its form, like law, is abstract and ideal.

The pattern of a shell is, like good law, uniform, regular and reliable. It can therefore be anticipated and known. The pattern of a shell is balanced, like justice. Una iustitia.