V.8 (2002)

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?May we meet in a better world,? Woolf wrote to Philippa Strachey in 1937; ??perhaps the library in Marsham Street over a cup of tea.? The Women?s Service Library at 29 Marsham Street, later renamed the Fawcett Library, provided Woolf with many of the facts and data upon which she constructed the arguments of Three Guineas. In the correspondence here published for the first time between Woolf and the librarian, Vera Douie, we see Woolf at work as a researcher and also recognize her generosity to the library as she committed to supplying it with books to enhance its collection. Volume 8 of the newly expanded Annual also includes articles by David Bradshaw, Maggie Humm, Michael Lackey, Emily Hinnov, Rishona Zimring, and Stuart Christie, as well as reviews of recently published books.

The Guide to Library Special Collections continues to add entries, and to provide up-to-date information for all who plan research on Woolf and the many contexts within which her work is read and studied.