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* Descriptions of Instructional Methods:

On-campus (ONCMP): Course is taught with only traditional in-person, on-campus class meetings. Allocation of classroom space is prioritized for programs that require the use of on-campus equipment (e.g., College of Health Professions, STEM labs) or in-person pedagogy.

Web-assisted (WA): Course is taught with both on-campus sessions and online components.

HyFlex or Hybrid-Flex (HYFLX): Course is taught in a combined approach with some physical, on-campus participation and some remote Zoom participation. Instructors work with students to determine the attendance location. See for more information.

Online: Course is delivered fully remotely with no on-campus components. Courses may be:

  • Asynchronous (ASYNC): Course is taught online with students participating at their own times. There will be assignments, quizzes/tests, projects and/or discussions that students have the flexibility to complete within a set period each week.

  • Synchronous (SYNC): Course is taught online in real time using Zoom. Students will be required to participate at set times from their own home/residence hall or remote location.

  • Mixed (MIXAS): Course is taught using a combination of real-time Zoom sessions and self-paced or asynchronous activities.