Course Attribute Legend:

FOUN - Foundation Course: courses applicable to the foundational requirements in computing, English, Mathematics, Science, and Secondary Language Proficiency

University Core Curriculum ending in 2011:
AOK2 - Area of Knowledge II: Western Heritage
AOK3 - Area of Knowledge III: World Traditions and Cultures
AOK4 - Area of Knowledge IV: Humanistic and Creative Expressions
AOK5 - Area of Knowledge V: Analysis of Human, Social and Natural Phenomena
INE - Inquiry & Exploration: courses in the arts and sciences that can be applied to the University Core Curriculum. Courses in business, computer science, education, health and physical education, and nursing cannot be included in this component of the University Core Curriculum.

University Core Curriculum effective Fall 2012:
WH - Western Heritage
WTC - World Traditions and Cultures
HCE - Humanistic and Creative Expressions
HSN - Analysis of Human, Social and Natural Phenomena

BC - Business Core: Credits applied to the Business Core for majors in the Lubin School of Business.
ELEC - General/Open Elective: courses that cannot be recorded as Inquiry & Exploration