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31 Mar
Tax Revenue Protection Through Outage Risk Mitigation: The Value of Distributed PV to the Federal Government
Thursday, March 31, 2016
Resource Type : VOS Study or Benefit Cost Analysis
Topic : Valuation, Analysis, BCA    
State : @Federal    
Author : Thomas Hoff, Christy Herig, and Lynne Gillette
Adoption Year : 2002
The existing electric system was not designed to withstand multiple terrorist acts. One solution is to protect the system. This, however, is likely to be prohibitively expensive and may not even be successful. . . . Distributed PV is one technology that could be used to make the system a less attractive target because distributed PV could withstand a simultaneous attack on both the electric and the natural gas systems.  A more secure electric grid will provide the federal government with revenue protection. This paper found that the economic va