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Development of New Alternative Net Metering Tariffs and/or Other Regulatory Mechanisms and Tariffs for Customer Generators

Net Energy Metering   
New Hampshire   
Key Components of the Order:

1. The new NEM rate begins on September 1, 2017. May be later if utilities can't update their billing systems in time to reflect the new NEM regime. Customers must be given 30 days notice in advance of the new rate start date. 2. Grandfathering - all existing NEM systems are still grandfathered through 2040. NEW systems (under new rate) also grandfathered through 2040. 3. Small systems =100 kW are still credited monthly at 100% of retail energy and transmission charges but only 25% of distribution charge; the customer will receive monetary bill credits instead of kWh credits (allowing cash payment if customer moves or annual credit balance exceeds $100) 4. Large systems >100kW are still credited monthly at the default energy rate; bill credits now monetary instead of kWh. 5. All customer-generators must pay non-bypassable charges (system benefits, stranded cost recovery, storm recovery) based on full amount of electricity imports without netting exports. 6. Monthly Netting is maintained - all non-bypassable charges are netted on a monthly billing basis still. 7. Value of DER Study: Eversource must perform a marginal cost of service study within twelve months (of Order date) to inform the Value of DER study. Value of DER study will focus on solar and small hydro and use a 10-15 year framework for the analysis. Staff will direct/manage the study, hire a consultant to help perform it, and will begin by convening a workgroup to develop scope of study within two months' time of this Order. 8. Statewide Cap- No new cap was set (so effectively the cap has been removed). 9. Pilots - Four pilot programs are approved, including: Time-of-Use (Eversource and Unitil only), shared bill credits for low/moderate income customers, Real-Time-Pricing for one municipality (Lebanon), and a non-wires alternative pilot.