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Ditching Net Metering Is in the 'Best Interest' of Solar, Say MIT Economists

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This article highlighted a 332-page report by MIT on the future of solar energy.  The article focused on MIT's wary conclusions and rationale behind solar energy.  It stated solar energy is important to address climate change; however, growth in solar energy is not guaranteed.  One recommendation is to move away from net metering policies for distributed solar because distribution costs are eventually shifted onto utility customers who do not have solar energy resources.  While there are many reports that state this same conclusion, there are also several reports that found distributed solar does not impose a net cost to ratepayers, rather produces a net benefit to all ratepayers.  In conclusion, the MIT report gave a number of suggestions to ensure the development of solar.  First, the MIT report called for continued government incentives, a redesign of solar subsidies, a unified national renewable energy standard, and suggested investing research in emerging thin-film technologies.