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New Hampshire SB 129 becomes Law

Net Energy Metering   
New Hampshire   
This bipartisan law will strengthen New Hampshire's Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS), providing future stabilization and growth opportunities for our state's biomass and solar industries. Combined, these industries provide over 2,000 good jobs and contribute hundreds of millions annually to NH's economy, while providing a long-term supply of locally produced, renewable energy at predictable pricing. SB129 will also remove the 10kw limit on the residential solar rebate program, allowing for greater beneficial electrification of New Hampshires' grid, while reducing peak demand and saving money for all. The law additionally makes the benefits of the Renewable Energy Fund (REF) available to more low-income customers, ensuring that everyone has the potential to benefit from renewable energy. SB129 is a victory for New Hampshire and will help stabilize and reduce electric rates while also allowing for economic growth.