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Distributed Generation Study

The Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (PUCN) issued a draft Compliance Order to determine how Distributed Generation (DG) can impact NV Energy’s energy delivery system performance, reliability, distribution operations, and electricity rates.  As a result of its significant experience examining DG integration on utility systems in Nevada and the U.S., Navigant Consulting, Inc. (Navigant) was selected by NV Energy to conduct a study to address:  What is the “maximum amount of DG from renewable energy that can be integrated on the distribution systems of the Companies within the existing operating limits?" Navigant’s study focused on evaluating the technical and economic impacts of DG on NV Energy’s system and its ratepayers.  This study does not address the cost, economics or value of DG from the DG owner’s perspective.  Further, our investigation focuses on DG installed on NV Energy’s distribution lines (feeders) or customer premises. Navigant’s independent assessment found that NV Energy’s distribution system alone does not limit the amount of DG that can be installed within existing operating limits.  While studies completed at the distribution level were rigorous and provided important findings, other factors, including bulk grid impacts and the presence of utility-scale renewable projects must be considered when evaluating DG impacts.