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Comments Before the Iowa Utilities Board

Net Energy Metering    Tax Issues   
Iowa Utilities Board Docket No. NOI-2014-0001. The comments address Iowa's potential and untapped distributed generation market. They advocate that Iowa proactively catalyze its distributed generation market to prevent losing its distributed generation benefits to other states. The comments specifically address five issues relating to distributed generation in Iowa: 1. Iowa policy makers must take steps to catalyze the distributed generation market; 2. preserve, expand, and standardize Iowa's existing net metering policy to include all utilities, including consumer-owned utilities; 3. pass a strong "solar standard" with distributed generation carved-out to catalyze the market; 4. conduct an independent valuation study to assess the costs and benefits of distributed generation; and 5. investigate rate design options to fairly compensate distributed generation customers for the services they provide and ensure utility customers provide reasonable cost-based compensation for the services they use. These steps will prepare regulators, utilities, and the distributed generation industry to make informed decisions about the future without stifling important growth today. The comments also reference an expert report by Karl Rabago about the benefits of distributed generation.