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Valuation, Analysis, BCA   
The document is the result of the study conducted by GDS Associates, Inc. (“GDS”) for Austin Energy furnishing third-party analysis and recommendations related to a commercial VOS tariff methodology and the commercial solar incentive program. The project conducted by GDS is comprised of the four tasks identified below: Task A: Review the current Residential VOS methodology and recommend modifications for a Commercial rate. Task B: Recommend a rate structure to incent the preferred orientation, and/or use of storage and smart inverters to shift solar generation toward the hours of the ERCOT system peak demands. Task C: Review implications for commercial incentives and provide options for the incentive program going forward and treatment of existing commercial PBI recipients. Task D: Review the present forecast for Residential and Commercial PV Solar Adoption in the Austin Energy Service Area and recommend adjustments based on the findings from this Study and proposed changes for the commercial VOS rate.