Adam Klein
Associate Professor


School/College: Dyson College of Arts and Sciences
Department(s): Communication Studies
Primary Location:

Office Hours: (Spring 2017)

Office Phone:
+1 (212) 346-1311

Secondary Location:


PhD, Howard University, Washington, DC, 2010

Mass Communication & Media Studies

MA, University of Miami, Miami, FL, 2003


BA, Salisbury University, Salisbury, MD, 2001


Scheduled Courses

Spring 2021:
  • COS 113: Media, Culture, and Society
  • COS 336: Propaganda
  • COS 313: The Dark Side of Communication

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  • COM 111: Introduction to Communication
  • COM 113: Media, Culture, and Society
  • COM 200: Public Speaking
  • COM 213: Intercultural Communication
  • COM 228: Writing for Convergent Tech
  • COM 239: Milestones in Commun Rsrch
  • COM 245: Commctn and Popular Culture
  • COM 297: The Dark Side of Communication
  • COM 336: Propaganda
  • COM 393: Intern Program I
  • COM 393: Internship Program I
  • COM 393: Internship Program l
  • COM 394: Internship Program II
  • COM 395: Independent Study in Comm.
  • COS 113: Media, Culture, and Society
  • COS 114: Introduction to Mass Media
  • COS 313: The Dark Side of Communication
  • COS 336: Propaganda
  • COS 481: Language and Power
  • SPE 203: Persuasive Speaking
  • UNV 101: First-Year Smnr Unvrsty Cmmnty
  • Research Interests

    Global Conflict and Communication; News and American Politics; Propaganda and Hate Speech; Political-Economy of Media Systems

    Awards and Honors

    • Eastern Communication Association Annual Conference, April 2019 - Top Paper Award: Political Communication Division
    • NYSCA Annual Conference , October 15, 2015 - Top Paper Award


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      Quoted, “Trump, Social Media, Right-Ring News Stir up Antifa Scares,” by Michael Kunzelman
    • Washington Post [Newspaper], June 14 2020
      Quoted, “Scant evidence of antifa shows how sweeping the protests for racial justice have become," by Isaac Stanley-Becker
    • Wired [Internet], June 4 2020
      Quoted, “The World was Primed for Protest Conspiracy Theories,” by Emma Ellis
    • Washington Post [Newspaper], June 1 2020
      Quoted, “U.S. at ‘crossroads’ as protests grip cities and police crack down, causing violent confrontations,” by Stanley Becker

    • Wired [Internet], March 1 2019
      Quoted, "Trump-era Congressional Hearings have Succumbed to Conspiracy Politics," by Emma Ellis.
    • New York Times [Newspaper], May 25 2018
      Quoted, “Are we really still calling this shirt a ‘wife-beater’?” by Moises Velasquez-Manoff.
    • Newsweek [Magazine], October 18 2017
      Quoted, “Las Vegas shooting conspiracy theories now include the Illuminati and Antifa,” by Maria Perez.
    • Mother Jones [Magazine], October 17 2017
      Quoted/Interviewed, “Trump supporters are promoting insane conspiracy theories about the Vegas shooter,” by Bryan Schatz
    • Miami Herald [Newspaper], August 15 2017
      Quoted/Interviewed, “America’s voice of white supremacy,” by Alex Harris
    • Wired [Internet], May 31 2017
      Quoted/Interviewed, “To make your conspiracy theory legit, just find an ‘expert,” by Emma Ellis
    • NRP/WAMU [Radio], May 24 2017
      Interviewed, “In the wake of College Park murder campuses confront a new wave of bigotry,” by Patrick Madden.
    • WAMC / Northeast Public Radion [Radio], April 24 2017
      Interviewed on “The Academic Minute” discussing how hate groups have taken their message online.
    • Wired [Internet], April 20 2017
      Quoted/Interviewed, "“Extremists’ Meme Armies are turning into Militias,” by Emma Ellis.
    • Wired [Internet], March 12 2017
      Quoted/Interviewed, “The Internet Protocols of the Elders of Zion,” by Emma Ellis
    • NPR's "The Takeaway" (WNYC) [Radio], June 23 2015
      Interviewed, On the rise of hate communities on the Internet as this subject related to the tragic shooting at a historic Black church in Charleston, SC, and the online influences of the 21-year-old shooter.


    • International Communication Association
    • National Communication Association
    • New York State Communication Association

    Contract, Grants, and Sponsored Research


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