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Village of Bronxville Site Plan & Subdivision Approval Standards

New York
Village Of Bronxville   
| Suburban | Rural
The Village of Bronxville, New York, requires any land being cleared or altered, any building or other structure being constructed, demolished, moved, externally altered or enlarged, any water course, floodplain or wetlands being diverted, dredged or filled, any use of land, building, or other structure being changed, any building or other use permit being issued, to receive the final approval of a site plan granted by the Planning Board. However, detached single-family residential buildings permitted as-of-right under the applicable zoning regulations are exempted from this requirement. The Design Review Committee and the Planning Board are instructed to consider, among other factors, provision for minimal degradation of unique or irreplaceable land types and protection of the water flow of aquifers and other groundwater courses and wetlands; surface water drainage; and compliance with the Village’s floodplain regulations. Additionally, developments involving significant stormwater runoff must provide an engineering analysis and design for a method of controlled drainage and/or storm system improvements, which will eliminate an adverse discharge into the Village system. The design must use good engineering practice and be in accordance with applicable governmental regulations. Further, the applicant is required to pay all costs associated with analysis, design, and construction of the drainage system, improvements, and any additional fees for experts. Finally, applications for preliminary and/or final approval of site plans must include the location of significant natural features including, among other things, watercourses.