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Envision Cortlandt – 2016 Sustainable Comprehensive Plan

New York
Town Of Cortlandt   
| Suburban |
In 2014, the Town of Cortlandt established by resolution a Solar Task Force. This Task Force spent one year exploring the possibility of installing solar energy systems on Town buildings and determining ways that solar energy systems can be adopted by residents. In 2015, the Task Force presented twelve recommendations to the Town Board, all of which were received. By the end of that year, three of the Task Force’s recommendations had already been completed, including adopting the New York State Unified Solar Permit, joining the Sustainable Westchester Municipal Buyers Group, and participating in the Solarize Westchester Program. The Town’s 2016 Sustainable Comprehensive Plan, Envision Cortlandt, calls for greater accommodation of solar energy systems under the city’s land use regulations, and directs the Solar Task Force to promote the use of solar energy systems by residents and the inclusion of renewable energy planning in new municipal projects. In 2016, based on the Task Force’s recommendations, the Town held a Community Solar 101 Event and published informational brochures providing guidance to residents on how they can obtain a permit for their own solar energy system.