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Multi-modal Transportation Support

County Of Nassau   
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Nassau County’s Comprehensive Plan calls for all development proposals to be reviewed for compliance with goal to promote multi-modal transportation that is safe and efficient, meeting minimum acceptable levels of service for all roadway segments. Chief among reviewing criteria is the project’s contribution to public health. The County will be using the most recent version of the FDOT Quality/Level of Service Handbook definitions to determine levels of service for roadways. Additionally, to promote walking and biking, the County will incorporate appropriate facilities into transportation improvement projects. The County will also be coordinating with the North Florida TPO to plan regional biking and pedestrian paths, and with developers to establish a safe and convenient interconnected system for pedestrians and bicycles.

The public health benefits of these policies are two-fold. First, by promoting biking and walking Nassau is inviting its citizens to increase their own health through increased cardiovascular activity. Second, by increasing transportation services, the county is on its way to significantly reducing the production of greenhouse gasses.