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Village of Briarcliff Manor Protection of Natural Resources Ordinance

New York
Village Of Briarcliff Manor   
| Suburban | Rural
§ 220-15 of the Municipal Code for The Village of Briarcliff Manor promulgates policy designed to protect the Village’s natural resources which include but are not limited to steep slopes, wetlands, forests, water bodies, exceptional or unique views and various unique, unusual or specific surface or subsurface factors pertaining to the soil. Special limitations are provided to protect the largest slopes as these shall not be developed or in any way physically modified, except when necessary for access, land or natural resources, preservation or enhancement, or some other necessary purpose, to be determined by the Planning Board. Protection of these natural resources is considered to be in the best interest of the public health and welfare in that such action will help preserve the mental and physical health and well-being of the public by protecting the water supply, precluding pollution, enhancing wildlife, and maintaining the perceived character of the Village.