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Town of Brookhaven Tree Preservation Ordinance

New York
Town Of Brookhaven   
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Chapter 70 of the Town Code for the Town of Brookhaven regulates the destruction and removal of trees within the town. Permission must be obtained from the town before a tree can be removed from property which is zoned for commercial or industrial use or which is larger than two acres. Permission must also be obtained for acts that will cause a tree to die on such property. When determining the size of the property, contiguous parcels of property that are subject to common ownership are deemed merged. There are however, certain exemptions. For example, utilities can prune or alter trees in order to repair existing utility services without obtaining a permit. The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation can prune or remove trees pursuant to the New York Environmental Conservation Law without obtaining a permit. Violators can be fined, imprisoned, and forced to repair or pay for the repair of the damage, and their building permits, etc. can be revoked.