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City of Boise Foothills Planned Development Ordinance

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The Foothills Planned Unit Development (PUD) ordinance is a subsection of the PUD ordinance, the purpose of which is to implement the residential subdivision density aspects of the city’s Foothills Policy Plan. It defines the type of subdivision and zoning allowed in the Foothills Planning Area by enabling a “density bonus” technique that allows the trade of density for open space, as long as the trading land is less than 25% slope and greater than 1 acre. The density trade element also provides for sensitive areas such as wildlife corridors, threatened and endangered species, and riparian areas. This is a very innovative ordinance with respect to other local ordinances in Idaho. One case is currently in the process of approval under the ordinance; if approved it will provide a 209-acre park that will directly connect the Boise River Greenbelt to the Foothill Trails system. (Eggleston, pers. comm. 2003)