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Biking and Walking in the United States 2016

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The Benchmarking Project has 3 primary objectives: 1) to promote data collection and availability, 2) to measure progress and evaluate results, and 3) to support efforts to increase bicycling and walking. The project is also motivated by making the connection between active transportation and healthy communities. The first half of this report contains a review of relevant research that supports biking and walking improvements, and the second half of the report provides state and city data. Part one explains the Benchmarking Project and the data collection methodologies used. Part two include diverse perspectives of the motivation for improving biking and walkability, including health benefits and accessibility. The third part of the report explores studies conducted concerning the health and safety, economic, and other benefits that biking and walking has for a community. The end of the project has a “tool box” of resources to help communities apply the data provided to their own situations.