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Enhanced Public Rights of Way and Pedestrian-Oriented Features

City Of San Diego   
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The Mobility Element section of San Diego’s Comprehensive Plan makes facilitating walking and biking as viable forms of transportation a priority for the city. The plan calls for the creation of mixed-use neighborhoods connected by public transportation; building residences closer to parks, schools, shopping, employment and transit; and a safe and accessible walking environment created by designing streets to increase pedestrian safety.

To accomplish this, San Diego plans to—among other things—enhance public rights of way, design site plans and buildings with pedestrian-oriented features, and implement traffic calming measures.

Additionally, the city has implemented the Bicycle Master Plan which identifies existing and future needs and provides recommendations for facilities and programs. The focus is on creating a network of bikeways that are feasible and serve bicyclists’ needs—especially for travel to employment centers, village centers, schools, commercial districts, transit stations, and institutions. Providing adequate safe bicycle parking and implementing public education to promote bicycle safety is also a focus for the community.

Finally, San Diego is aiming to improve the appeal of their public transport to make it the first choice of travel for as many as possible. This, in combination with creating mixed-use villages connected by the new high-quality transit will help to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions of the city.

All of these policies will reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Increasing the appeal of biking and walking will also help to increase the health of residents who choose to utilize those modes of transportation.